About St. Theresa Sr. Sec. School, Kathgodam


 Be in time for school daily.

 Keep your hands and face washed and your hair brushed.

 Keep your clothes and books neat and tidy.

 Do not write on walls.

 Keep your hands and feet away from walls.

 Put papers, fruit skins, sweet wrapers and polybags in a dustbin.

 Do not play in verandahs or class-rooms.

 Say ″Please ″ when you want something.

 Say ″Thank you″when you receive something.

 If you have to interrupt an adult conversation, say ″Please excuse me. ″

 Do not look into class-rooms as you pass by.

 Do not stand near elder people when they are talking together.

 Allow older people to go before.

 Wish Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening to your Teachers, Parents, elders.

 Do not waste water.